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Information Security Audits


Internet Security Audits and Companies

Finding companies on the Internet is difficult. We try to make it easier for a few specialized areas including: Information Security Audits, Cybersecurity, and other specializations.  If you fell your company Belongs on our lists, please contact us ASAP.

Listing Criteria 1) A website 2) Local telephone number 3) Land addresses that matches the telephone number 4) In Business at least a year.

Contact We try to list an address in each state there is a real office.

Please contract us at 818-993-3722,  or email: Contact

First Line of Defense

The Information Security Audit includes:
Researching the System Configuration
Defining Key Assets of the Company
Reviewing the Security Needs of the Company
Customizing the Review Criteria
Performing the Audit and Documenting the Results
Presenting the Key findings and helping to define an mitigation plan and upgrade plan
Performing an Updated Audit and Testing the Disaster Recovery Plan
Final Brief

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Any vulnerabilities discovered are treated as secret information. The Blank Checklist is approximately 40 pages long.

System Security and Software Architecture

Software architecture forms the backbone for building successful software-intensive systems. Software architecture largely permits or precludes a system's quality attributes such as security, performance, or reliability. Architecture represents a common vehicle for communication among a system's stakeholders and is the arena in which conflicting goals and requirements are mediated. The right architecture is the linchpin for software project success. The wrong one is a recipe for vulnerability and disaster.

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