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A desktop computer is an electronic machine computer that converts raw data into meaningful information, made for use on a desk in an office or home and is distinguished from portable computers such as laptops or PDAs. Desktop computers are also known as microcomputers. There are four types of desktop computers: home computers, or personal computers; workstations, Internet servers, and special communications computers. Desktops are currently the most affordable computers and ubiquitous in businesses, schools, and households; they are used for performing office tasks, organizing digital photos, video editing, and Internet access. Nearly all desktop computers are modular, with components that can easily be replaced or upgraded. Desktop computers come in a variety of case styles ranging from large vertical towers to small form factor models that can be tucked behind an LCD monitor. desktop computers Hardware An exploded view of a modern desktop computer: Display Motherboard CPU (Microprocessor) Primary storage (RAM) Expansion cards Power supply Optical disc drive (ODD) Secondary storage (HDD) Keyboard Mouse The hardware in a desktop computer is modular, making it easy for someone with intermediate knowledge of a computer to modify one. Desktop computers are generally more affordable than notebook computers. This is because no extra effort is needed to miniaturize the components, nor to find design solutions to the thermal management problems that arise from the use of components that emit heat in a compact space. Fan - cools the computer. These are present on most computers. There are often multiple, one to cool the processor(see below), one in the power supply, and possibly additional ones for the graphics card and general cooling. Motherboard (a.k.a. mainboard) - links all of the components together and routes data. HDD (hard disk drive) - location where all information can be stored even when power is off. ODD (optical disc drive) - reads most or all types of CDs and/or DVDs. Processor - The main brain of the computer. CPU Cooler - cools the processing unit. Typically a fan combined with a heatsink. RAM - short-term data storage, volatile (data is erased when the computer is powered off) Graphics card - codes video output and delivers to monitor. Physics card - performs physics computations in some modern games. Sound card - codes sound output and delivers to speakers. Speakers - deliver sound. Modem - used to access data via a telephone line (dial-up connection). Used to access BBS and the Internet. Network card - allows the computer to be linked to a computer network where it can communicate with other computers. Also used as a means of accessing the Internet via a broadband connection. Computer PSU (power supply unit) - A device that provides power to the rest of the computer parts. FDD (floppy disk drive) - Reads and Writes floppy disks. Although largely supplanted by CDs and Flash Drives, is still common on many systems, and may be required during set-up on certain operating systems.
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